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Motorcycle Training

high-quality, customer friendly motorcycle training

Riding skills

Practiced progressively throughout the course.

Traffic Rules

We explain exactly what you need to know.


Safety is ALWAYS our top priority both in class and on the road!

Student practicing slow-speed control on a motorcycle

URide Motorcycle Training

URide Motorcycle Training is a proud sponsor of the California Motorcyclist Safety Program’s Motorcyclist Training Course (MTC).

URide has been offering high-quality, customer friendly motorcycle training in Costa Mesa since 1988. Our award winning staff and Instructors are dedicated to making your training experience with us fun and informative. And we encourage a “life-long learning process” with your motorcycling journey.

The goal of the Motorcyclist Training Course is to teach and reinforce the knowledge and skills needed for safe beginning-riding on the street so that we might prevent crashes and injuries.

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Enroll with the Great prices

The cost is $425 riders 21 years or older, $395 if you’re under 21.*

URide Motorcycle Training

Motorcyclist Training Course classroom materials
The MTC is a 17-18 hour course designed for the beginning rider, consisting of:
    Student receiving feedback from the instructor

    Classroom topics include:

    • Risks of riding
    • Rider responsibilities & preparation
    • Gear choices
    • Control operation and how to turn, shift and stop
    • Street riding strategies
    • Reading the terrain and traffic
    • Managing curves
    • Survival maneuvers such as swerving and quick stops.
    • Riding sober (yes, this is still a topic in 2021)
    • Rules, regulations and laws

    Riding skills are practiced progressively throughout the riding sessions. Starting out simple and layering on as the course moves forward. Maximum braking, swerving and safe cornering are practiced as your skills become more refined towards the end of the course.

    Successful completion of the MTC may waive the skills test at the California DMV.

    *If you are under the age of 21, you MUST complete the MTC prior to obtaining a motorcycle permit in California.

    To enroll, find an available class on our schedule and call us at 714-425-7981 with a credit card and ID.

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    Highly recommended to come here if you want to actually know how to ride your bike as a new rider!

    The instructors are wonderful, caring people who really drill the important stuff into you, encourage you to feel comfortable and help you transition into this mechanically complex experience.

    They were able to get me in on real short notice and allow others to come to class and wait as a standby in case of any no-shows (no-shows DO happen so come by!)

    Thank you Ted and Kip! I'll be safe out there!

    - S L

    I called around to a few places and nobody had the customer service like Ted, Kip, and Greg. The instructors do an amazing job of teaching you the fundamentals of riding and what to do in basic situations that pose threats to your wellbeing when out in the real world.

    - C. L.

    Had the pleasure of taking U Ride to get started on my motorcycle journey. Classes were held via zoom Now (due to covid) which was surprisingly funny and informative. Groups are kept in a smaller size of 6 riders which is great as you get more one on one time.

    My instructor/zoom mater was Ted who was great, he helped me calm down my nerves about being a new rider and really was able to show me what I was doing wrong, how to fix it, and how to improve from that.

    I’d definitely recommend u ride to anyone and everyone looking to get out and ride.

    - Adam Schultz

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