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For many, riding a motorcycle is one of life’s greatest joys. However, doing so safely requires both experience and education. Fortunately, we’re here to offer some tips based on experience to help you ride safely and enjoyably on two wheels.

It’s common for young riders to be eager to hop on their motorcycles, often without realizing what they don’t know. This is where the Dunning-Kruger effect comes into play—a phenomenon observed among motorcyclists. Inexperienced individuals tend to overestimate their abilities, while the opposite is true for more seasoned riders. Reflecting on your own experience, you may find this to be true.

Now that you’ve been riding for a while, you’ve likely thought about what you’ve learned and what you wish you had known sooner. Of course, being open to learning is key. Below are the top five essential lessons every new rider should know. While it may take years to fully grasp these lessons, they’re crucial for your everyday riding practices. Whether you’re riding on or off-road, training with experienced coaches can significantly improve your skills and enhance your riding experience.

1. Motorcycle Riding Requires Practice and Education

If you want to become a skilled and safe rider, it takes time, experience, and a willingness to learn. Many riders are unaware of their mistakes while on their bikes every day, highlighting the importance of motorcycle training. With proper training, you can establish a foundation of correct practices and skills to apply on the road.

While professional training may seem expensive, it’s a valuable investment that pays dividends in the long run. Few things can improve safety, confidence, and riding ability faster than being coached, critiqued, or observed by an expert.

Today, there are beginner and advanced riding courses available everywhere, making them an excellent starting point, especially for new riders. If you’re unable to afford these courses, you can still make progress by watching YouTube videos and practicing in a parking lot. Additionally, if you can’t find a training center nearby or prefer self-directed learning, online curricula with drills and videos created by expert coaches are available.

Unfortunately, the longer you’re away from your bike, the more your skills may deteriorate, so continuous learning is crucial. Even if you’ve completed initial training courses, it’s advisable to take refresher courses or advance to the next level.

2. Get Used to Bringing a Backpack

You’ll find that most motorcycles don’t include built-in storage. Therefore, if you want to bring items with you, you’ll need luggage systems. When purchasing a motorcycle, it’s easy to overlook the need for storage unless you’re riding a bagger.

You might want to search for the best moto backpack with highly adjustable straps. Additionally, consider using a tank or tail bag to free up your body.

3. Avoid Going Beyond Your Skills, and Don’t Encourage Others to Do So

One of the greatest experiences you can have while motorcycling is riding with your friends. However, remember to respect each other’s skill level to ensure safety on the road. Avoid riding beyond your skill level and refrain from encouraging your friends to do so.

Challenging someone to do something they’re not comfortable with rarely leads to positive outcomes. While it’s okay to offer encouragement, remind your friends that it’s important to take the time to learn and progress. Apply the same principle to yourself as well.

4. Skill Is More Impressive Than Loud Noises

When executed properly, wheelies can make a great impression. However, avoid making loud noises or attempting stunts you’re not familiar with. It’s important to remember that poorly performed stunts and loud noises are not impressive; skill is.

We often see new riders revving up their bikes excessively. While it may feel exhilarating as the rider, the loud engine noise can be bothersome to others.

If you’re not skilled at performing wheelies, it’s best to avoid trying to look cool when leaving the bike show. Others may be concerned about potential accidents. Want to impress experienced riders? Showcase your low-speed handling skills, which you’ve been practicing in parking lots.

5. Perform Your Jollies Elsewhere

If you want to test the performance limits of your motorcycle, ensure you do so in a well-controlled and safe environment. The agility that motorcycles provide is amazing, and pushing them to their limits can be one of the greatest thrills you could experience. However, avoid doing this on public streets where pedestrians and other vehicles pose risks.

As much as possible, control your speed while riding on the streets and resist the temptation to go too fast. Take your bike to a safe, controlled environment intended for this purpose and practice your high-speed riding there. Consider using a dirt bike and riding on challenging trails. Furthermore, if you consider yourself a cruiser rider, don’t worry! There are now safe and controlled environments designed for all types of bikes.

What are the Benefits of Taking Up Motorcycle Training?

Choosing to take up motorcycle training courses can keep you safe on the road. If you are a new rider, then taking the safety course can be your foundation in becoming a reliable driver. Being aware of the safety measures and practices on the road is appropriate for the new and experienced riders. It can help new riders in taking their license test and provides them with the right mindset when riding on the road. While for the experienced riders, this course can be a healthy refresher, especially if there is something that they might have forgotten.

To keep you safe on the road, it is important that you know the skills and techniques of defensive driving, particularly since you are riding a small vehicle. Taking a safety course can help you in recognizing and responding to safety risks on the road.

Learning the best practices for defensive and safety driving can help you understand the responsibilities of motorcyclists. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are known to be irresponsible and reckless on the road, most probably due to severe accidents. However, by taking these motorcycle training courses, and being sharp on the road, you can help in improving this negative impression of motorcyclists.

Uride offers high-quality motorcycle training. We offer various types of motorcycle training courses. Whether you are a beginner or just want to take a refresher course, we have something for everyone. For your inquiries, you can call us at 714-425-7981 or send us an email at uridetraining@yahoo.com.