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Motorcyclist Training Course registration deadline



Fees: Motorcyclist Training Course (MTC)
Phone: 714-425-7981

Enrollment fees: $425 for 21 and over – $395 if under 21

Motorcycle and Helmet provided

Transfer: $0 – Transfers requests must be given 7 days prior to your start date. After that, there are no Transfers. Second time transfers are charged $30.

Cancellations: $50 – Cancellation requests must be given 7 days prior to your start date. After that, there are no Cancellations.

Re-Pay: $150 – If for whatever reason you do not complete your course or simply wish to re-ride for the additional practice, this rescheduling fee would apply.

Stand-By: $0 – If for whatever reason you did not complete your course and do not wish to pay the rescheduling fee of $150.



I MUST present at my first riding session: either your current/valid CAR DRIVERS LICENSE, or a CAR DRIVING PERMIT, or a MOTORCYCLE LEARNER PERMIT, or a CALIFORNIA ID CARD. Valid Passports are accepted. Furthermore, I MUST inform URide of any restrictions or suspension on your driver license.


I MUST attend all sessions in sequence including the Zoom classrooms I CANNOT be late for any session. I must arrive 15 minutes early for each riding session.

I MUST pass a 50 question, multiple choice knowledge test at the end of the course.

I MUST pass a skills test at the end of the course.


You must be able to ride/balance a bicycle to enroll and attend these courses! 

Some of you taking this course may be learning to ride for the first time. Some may have limited experience, and still others may have lots of experience. The MTC is designed for the beginning rider; it progresses from simple to more difficult tasks. Your expectations may be to learn to ride, or to improve your knowledge and skill, or to receive the license waiver. Specifically: This course is designed to teach and reinforce the knowledge and skills needed for a safe beginning riding on the street in order to prevent crashes and injuries.

Our responsibility is to coach your on-cycle instruction in a safe and responsible manner. Experience has shown us that not everyone who enrolls in the MTC is ready to ride at this time. As your Instructors, we will do everything within our training and limits of safety to coach you to success in this program. However, there is no guarantee that everyone who enrolls in the MTC will successfully complete or pass it or receive a license. Unsafe conditions will not be allowed, and we will release any student who, in our view, presents a safety hazard to themselves or others, or repeatedly fails to respond to our coaching. For this, there are NO REFUNDS.


Zoom Classrooms

All Class room Sessions are conducted via Zoom. Upon enrollment you will be E-mailed a Link to join the Zoom sessions. You must log into sessions 5 minutes prior to start and no later than scheduled start time. Any log ins after the scheduled start time may not be allowed. Like regular classes, you must be on time! If Zoom is new to you, we suggest you locate an easy tutorial on the internet. Furthermore, you must have video and voice capabilities on your device used for the Zoom meetings.

Zoom Etiquette

Please dress as if you were attending a live classroom. No bare tops, no offensive slogans or language allowed. There is no smoking/vaping or consumption of alcohol during Zoom classes. You may not join a classroom while driving your car, BBQ’n in the back yard, or while attempting to watch a football game….tape it! And as a reminder, part of graduating the course requires full participation, including the Zoom classrooms! And yes, there are restroom breaks during the classroom sessions.

Riding Gear

The following gear must be worn at all times when aboard the training motorcycles.

  • DOT Approved Helmet. Full face or 3/4 only, no half helmets allowed. 
  • Eye protection. Glasses, goggles, or flip down visor.
  • Pants. Sturdy, full length with no rips or frays. Jeans or sturdier. 
  • Jacket. Or, at minimum, a long sleeve shirt. Dress for the weather. 
  • Gloves. Full-finger, leather street motorcycle gloves. No cloth, dirt bike, or mechanics gloves allowed. 
  • Boots. Must be over-the-ankle, made of a sturdy material and properly fitting. No canvas shoes or fashion boots allowed.
  • Water, refreshments, snacks, sunscreen, rain gear should be considered as you prepare for your riding sessions. 

Please come prepared to ride a motorcycle.


(Assuming you did not complete or pass)

What if I don’t catch on?
You were counseled out of a riding session or felt too uncomfortable to continue.
As a stand-by, show up 15 minutes prior to the start of any scheduled riding session ONE. If there is a space available you are first priority to re-join the program and continue at no cost. You are considered First Priority to re-join if a space is available.
What if I just blow it and don’t make a session?
As a stand-by, show up 15 minutes prior to a scheduled session where you left off. If there is a space available you may re-join the program and continue at no cost.
How long am I on the Stand-by list?
As a stand-by, you must attempt to re-join the program within 90 days or you
are automatically removed from the stand-by list.
When is the next session(s) that I may attempt the Stand-by?
For upcoming course times and dates go Schedule at: www.uride.us
What if I do not want to do the Stand-by to get back in?
In any of these events, if you do not wish to attempt as a stand-by in the 90 days,
you may reserve a new guaranteed space in an upcoming MTC for $150.
Please contact U-Ride if you wish to pay and reserve a new space.
What if I don’t pass the Knowledge Test?
You did not pass the classroom knowledge test.
You are entitled to one free re-test. Study the book and re-do.
What if I don’t pass the Skills Test?
If you did not pass the riding skills test at the end of the course, you are entitled to one free re-test (Mulligan). The Program requires that re-tests take place within 60 days of your original test date.

Check our schedule page for upcoming Riding Two dates and times. Show up and check in about 11/2 hours before the end of a Riding Two session. The Instructor will accommodate you with your re-test. It may be with the group testing or when the group testing has finished.