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If you are riding in a two-wheel vehicle, it is important that you should keep yourself safe. Whether you want to have a simple ride or an adrenaline-pumped cruise, keep in mind that your main priority should always be your safety. After all, this can help you in avoiding those costly repairs and medical expenses. At the same time, this can also ensure that you are enjoying your ride by keeping yourself safe. The following are ten safety tips that you should know.

Inspect Your Motorcycle

As a rider, the first thing that you should do is do a routine motorcycle inspection. Before going for a ride, be sure to check your wheels, tires, chassis, fluids, and electrical system, as well as the hand and foot controls. It is important to ensure that your motorcycle is properly functioning to avoid any sudden failures or breakdowns while riding on the road.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

When riding a motorcycle, it is important that you should always be very attentive. Be sure to keep your eyes on the road all the time. In this way, you can avoid any potholes, liquid spills, debris, or any type of hazards on the road. If you can’t keep yourself attentive, for instance, if you are feeling sleepy, then you should stop and take a rest for a while.

Be Always on the Lookout for Those Blind Spots

Keep in mind that mirrors won’t be able to capture everything that’s behind you, most often, motorcycles also have some blind spots. You should not rely too much on your mirrors. Try to use your head and glance to your left or right so that you can properly recognize any blind spots that can’t be seen in your mirror. When glancing, do it quickly and be sure that there are no hazards ahead of you.

Use Safety Gear

Be sure to use the proper safety gear when riding your motorcycle. For instance, use leg and arm protection and a reliable helmet with an excellent safety rating. Most riders tend to neglect the safety gear since they feel that it is a bit bulky. Nevertheless, you should consider that your safety gear is your reliable insurance. Investing in padded armor is much cheaper than spending a large amount on your hospital bill. Always gear yourself up properly each time you are riding your motorcycle.

Observe the Weather

It is going to rain today, or will it be fiery hot? When planning your ride, it is essential that you understand the weather. The weather will determine your route plan, your gear choice, the space gear or clothes that you will be bringing, the exact time that you will start your ride, and so much more. Be mindful of the weather forecast and plan appropriately so you can have a safe and enjoyable ride.

Keep Yourself Invisible

One of the most important techniques when riding is to keep yourself invisible. Generally, this means that you should presume that other motorists won’t be able to see you. They might pull off a sudden brake maneuver, swerve into you, or turn into your lane. If you ride defensively and assume that you are invisible, then you can accurately assess which portion of the road is the best place to position yourself. In this way, you can avoid any accidents or collisions.

Don’t Push Yourself to the Limits

As much as possible, try to ride your own ride and avoid pushing yourself and the capability of your motorcycle to the limits. Do not go beyond your comfort zone. When you are riding solo or with a group of friends, always ensure that you are riding your own ride so that you will have complete control of your motorcycle.

Avoid experimenting with dangerous acts or attempting to follow a faster rider. Always keep yourself in your comfort zone so that you can have more control over your motorcycle.

Respect Other Riders

Sometimes it is not easy being on the road for several hours. Most often, riders will try their best to get to their destination smoothly. Simply put, it is important to consider that other riders would simply want to have peace of mind while riding on the road.

Consequently, this is also the same as your ride. That is why you should respect other riders. For instance, you should not easily give in to road rage, avoid getting yourself too close to other vehicles, and most importantly, if your fellow rider needs your help, then pull over and help them if you still have some time.

Manage Your Energy Levels

Riding a motorcycle is very engaging. Hence, for most raiders out there, it is also a very tiring activity. That is why, if you are going out for a ride, you should manage your energy levels. If you have recently accomplished a very strenuous activity or you feel fatigued, then it might be best to ride out there so you can concentrate on restoring your energy levels.

As much as possible, try to manage your energy levels so can keep yourself safe while riding on the road. Additionally, it is essential that you should know when to call the shots.

Take Good Care of Your Passenger

Lastly, if you are trying to bring a passenger with you, then try to take care of them. Remember that you are responsible for their safety and their life. That is why it is important that you should also apply the tips that were above to your passengers. Keep in mind that a safe and happy passenger means that the driver is having a smooth and easy ride. Take good care of your passengers and you will feel good for your next ride.

Uride offers motorcycle training to keep you safer while riding your motorcycle on the road. We offer riding skills that you can practice progressively. We can also teach you about the different traffic rules and explain the things that you need to know. Keep in mind that our top priority is your safety. We are based in Costa Mesa, California. For more information, you may call us at 714-425-7981 or send us an email at uridetraining@yahoo.com.